Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor - Executive Producer

Just weeks after an auspicious meeting in Cannes 2013, Nic teamed up with producer Phil Taylor to produce a slate of Nic’s screenplays that includes: BurningWhen The Money Runs Out, Mud Boy and Ice In The Blood. For their first four films together they are using SEIS finance in order to minimise the risk for investors and maximise the potential for a profitable return.

Phil Taylor has helped finance over £100m for British films in the last 10 years. Through EIS schemes he has raised in excess of £30m, for projects such as the new Captain Scarlett TV series and, in 2009, the feature film Twenty8K. In 2013 he founded Film Engine as a vehicle for producing profitable low budget feature films.

For a major part of his career Phil ran a Wealth Management business, during which time he helped raise finance for some major feature films, including Alexander with Colin Farrell, Oliver Twist (2005, Ben Kingsley) Long WeekendThe Courier and Bait 3D (2013).

Phil is Executive Producer on the comedy Run For Your Wife, starring Danny Dyer and is Executive Producer on the forthcoming feature film about the life of Jane Austen scheduled to shoot in 2017.

In 2015 Phil produced the thriller Weapon, which is currently in final stages of post production .