Look Inside

Written by award-winning filmmaker, Shiona Penrake, Look Inside tells the story of a teenage girl turned away by her peers who finally looks inside herself to discover the secret to defining who she is and what she needs to do to win over the indifference of the world around her.

A Universal Theme

Nearly every teenager – and many of us well into our twenties – have faced peer pressure, a sense of social awkwardness and low self-esteem. This ambitious film takes on that big fear and reminds us in a most imaginative way we must look inside as we grope around in the dark trying to define who we are and what we’re good at. 

Multi Award-Winning Potential

Experienced industry professionals are full of praise for this magical, figurative tale about the triumph of imagination over social awkwardness that far outshines its 6-7 minute duration. The general consensus is that this project has the potential to win an award at one or more of the world’s top film festivals.  

International Distribution

While no one will pretend that short films can make investors rich,  Look Inside is one of those rare films with a poignant and positive message that is brought to life by a unique vision with the power to move and inspire audiences all around the world.


During the winter months of 2016, we set up castings for the role of Estelle. Mid April 2016 we decided on Lydia Barnes. She is one of the most talented British actresses age 15-16 we have seen during the past few months. Importantly, she also warmed to the character. 

Lydia Barnes in short film, The Golden Age

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Below you can see one of Shiona's concept drawings for the climactic moment in the story.

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