Nadja’s Legacy - a (female-lead) character-driven thriller

Little Black Book

Nic Penrake and producer Jeff Solema at Go East Media have teamed up to put Nic’s (female) character-driven thriller, Nadja’s Legacy, into development as of May 2016.

Nic was introduced last year to Jeff via Nic’s old school film buddy Woijcech Dudzicz, whose project Condemnation Chronicles: Part 1 Drake Walker is already in development at Go East Media.

A Unique Opportunity

Nadja’s Legacy is one of those rare thrillers that is driven by its female lead. A headstrong woman with a checkered past and no martial arts fighting skills. A woman whose upbringing taught her how to act strong and manipulate men and who must finally learn the value of kindness and humility.

Audiences are crying out for more movies with strong female characters. But if you were to run a search for ‘female-lead thrillers’, you’d struggle to find more than a handful of titles that support that view.

When they do come along – ever so rarely – there’s a big demand for them and they very often elicit favourable reviews and film festival success. The recent German movie, Victoria, is leading the way and provides the perfect wave on which Nadja’s Legacy can travel.


Nadja’s Legacy is one of those archetypal stories about an individual who has run from a dark and dangerous past only to be pulled back into it by a violent event.

In the past lurks treachery and death... and answers to shocking secrets.                  

Do you want - or dare - to go back there and try your luck again?

The theme centres around home and identity and facing up to the truth of where you came from. You have to know who you really are, and what you stand for, before you can relate and become a true friend, a good daughter, a good mother.

The Big German Component

With Nic being based in London and Jeff in LA, and with 95% of the story taking place in Germany, the pair will be looking to attract German support on many levels, from cast and casting to finance and logistical support on the ground.


At the time of writing, the project is being shown to interested parties with respecting equity finance and the producers are already looking to attach cast.  

German producers and above the line talent are welcome to get in touch to find out more about the project by contacting Nic at

or Jeff at