About Us

We're a family of creatives. That's family without the quotes. After years and years of writing copy, generating ad campaigns and supporting rebranding exercises of all shapes and sizes, founder Nicholas Penrake thought he'd set out, not on his own, but with his three kids.

No, not for a picnic, for some serious business.

Like many parents, Nic brought his kids up on a diverse diet of stories. His eldest daughter, Shiona, used to read stories aloud to herself as a little one. She read her dad's copy of The Shining screenplay when she was five. It wasn't unusual for him to come home to hear her raising her voice in anger in the next room, only to discover she was reading the lines of one of the villains in her book.

Age 15, she directed and edited her first short film. And picked up an award for it.

Her younger sister, Saina, is a singer/songwriter. Like most young people these days she plays a number of roles: PA to designer, director and editor. Too many to list, really.

Jay Penrake, an actor, plays PA and location manager. He speaks Japanese fluently, and runs his own animation YouTube Channel.

We're a tight unit, and, since 2023, part of the Klout Academy.

We bring a unique, insightful and bold imagination to every project we undertake, whatever the budget. 

We listen, we adapt and rewrite until our clients are happy.  

We are actively looking to work with people who have a brand story they are burning tell, even if they're not sure what that might look and sound like yet. 

Want to explore what we could do for you? Drop Nic a message on Linkedin or a voice note on WhatsApp: +44 7779 102 348.