I Would Eat Until I Physically Felt Sick

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Shiona cut this piece of content for Future plc's Brand Nw Me strand.

AT her heaviest, Danitza Casas, 32, from Scottsdale, Arizona weighed 350lbs. Nicknamed ‘Gordita’ or 'Chubby girl', when she was young, the weight gain accelerated in Danitza’s adult years when she partied hard and lived on a diet of unhealthy junk food. 

Outwardly Danitza seemed confident and the life of the party, but inside she admits using humour and a larger than life personality to mask her insecurities and the disgust she felt with her body. 

After going to the hospital for what she thought was a heart attack – but in fact turned out to be a panic attack, Danitza knew she needed to change her lifestyle. Starting with short walks, she progressed to spin classes, then met her personal trainer Bo, losing 200lbs.