Our Incredible Girl With No Arms

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Shiona cut and graded this piece of content for the Truly series at Future plc.

An Armless 11-year-old girl shows the amazing things she can do with her feet – including riding a horse, cross-stitching, and cracking an egg for breakfast. Sophi Green was born without arms, but she’s never let that hold her back. 

Truly first filmed with Sophi when she was 7 years old, and since then a lot has changed. Sophi told Truly: “I’m in fifth grade, I have an obsession for horses, and I have a new dog - his name is Baxter.” 

In the video, Sophi shows her morning routine, getting dressed, walking Baxter and even making a fried egg sandwich for her breakfast with her feet. Sophi has recently learned to horseback ride, something her mother Christianne was nervous about at first. 

“But she kept persisting and she was just determined”, Christianne said. Sophi hopes her story will give hope to others who may be struggling with their confidence. 

“For anyone out there with disabilities or just having a hard time right now, just be you”, she said. “You can’t fit in when you’re born to stand out.”