Unique Found Footage Hybrid For Our Times

For a Few Hundred Pounds is an innovative feature film project partly based on a true crime that shocked a small community.

Producers Callum Dougherty and Alan Kay of Cubic7 are working with writer/director Nic Penrake on this project and are in the process of rolling out a development strategy. Nic is set to direct with his award-winning daughter, Shiona (22).

One of its key differentiators as against other micro budget films being made today is that the smart phone is not just the tool for making the film but lies at the heart of the concept. 

Ultra Low Budget With Strong Break Out Potential

For a Few Hundred Pounds presents a unique opportunity for an investor looking for a film project that can be made for way less than your average low budget film, yet still boast high production value, intelligent and inventive ideas, with the potential to break out and deliver an exceptional return on investment.

Open casting

As part of the film’s concept and marketing strategy depends on casting unknowns, on this rare occasion our doors are open to any British or European talent without representation.

Key roles:

MYLA – 19- 25, quirky, sarcastic, neurotic young student, with a kind if ‘damaged’ heart

BLAKE – 19 – 25, college dropout and introvert, prone to radical ideas drawn from his Albanian father, a former mob guy

LOLA – 19- 25, a geeky, loyal friend to Myla, smart with cameras and vlogging

BAAZ – 20 – 26, British Muslim, loves his food (mostly junk), obsessive by nature

FREDDIE – 20 – 25, reluctant, easily manipulated small time drug dealer with an unfortunate impetuous streak  

If you are an actor, or an agent representing up-and-coming but not yet well known talent, ages 19 – 26, please write to Nic at for details of casting breakdown so you know what we're looking for in a 'self-tape'. (Please note at this time we're not considering actors who are actually over the maximum age limit stated in the breakdown.)