Recorded Delivery


An advertising creative sets out on a journey to test out a new mini dv camera which mysteriously switches itself on and starts playing a scary version of his future. He has 3-4 minutes in which to avert a sticky fate.

I thought it would be fun to take an advertising guy with filmmaking ambitions who gets a mini DV camera only find the damn thing’s playing back his future in the darkest possible terms. When he sees that he’s about to be beaten up and left for dead, he has a choice to make. Is he going to be just another victim, or take control? Probably the most challenging part of the filmmaking process was the process of having to ask myself, which footage would go on the mini DV and which was to be live action? So I had to think two parallel stories all the way through – and at times it was a bit of a head****. In order that the footage on the mini DV matched up with the live action, I used two cameras, which made such a difference when I was cutting the fight and chase sequences. 


Writer/directorNicholas Penrake
ProducerNicholas Penrake
MitchDallas Campbell
MikeMark Dymond
Delivery GuyLee Tarone
DriverBrad Shaw
Driver’s mateAdam Smith
ThiefNicholas Penrake
Girl with umbrellaCatherine Douglas
2 men fightingNicholas Penrake & Andrew Wallace
BarmanEoin Campbell
CastingNicholas Penrake & Farah Abuwesha
Sound DesignJeff Richardson
DubDamian Reynolds
TKDan Symmons
Production DesignNicholas Penrake
Production managerAndrew Taylor
DP/OperatorBrendan McGinty
(Camera A) Camera #2Shane Daly
(Day 1) Camera BDavid Wyatt
DP (Bar scene)David Raedeker
Sound RecordistMatthew Jackson
Sound (last day)Gavin Maxwell