The Prowler

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An old woman feels threatened by a stranger trying to get into the house she's in - but nothing is quite what it seems.

(Password: ontheprowl)

The Prowler is everything you could want from a short film – witty, economical writing that delivers a singular idea, graced by just the right amount of yearning in 6 and a half minutes’ screen time.

It delights us with its clever twist and mischievous humour and is a rare find for daring to offer the lead part to an actress in her seventies – and giving us an older character who isn’t old and dying, nor overshadowed by a younger member of the cast.


The Prowler is another of our shorts signed to Shorts International, so we cannot stream it freely via YouTube or Vimeo. However, as there is a high probability that you are visiting this site as a film professional, creative or friend, you can view the film by clicking on The Prowler and entering the password ‘ontheprowl’.

Background to the making of

Back in February 2012 I set out to find a script written by someone else for a change. I put out a posting on a number of newsletter sites, such as ShootingPeople and TalentCircle, asking for a script of about 3-4 minutes. It could be on any subject, but had to stick to 4 pages or under and keep to a low budget.

I received many scripts – nearly all of them well over 4 pages long – but few I found engaging. In fact I was on the point of abandoning the idea of directing someone else’s script, when I received a 4-page script from a young Australian writer, Ingrid Elkner, which I liked at the first reading.

Ingrid and I got chatting on email and I found her to be very receptive to feedback. Just as well, because I took her to nine drafts before I felt we were ready to shoot it!

I was very fortunate that my parents allowed us to film in their beautiful home. And it’s so wonderful to have their house captured on film – I suppose ‘for posterity’. And the day at their house was coincidentally one of the most relaxing and straightforward shooting days I’ve ever had. To my surprise we got through about 4 pages in less than eight hours, with myself as director and 1st AD.


Producer/DirectorNic Penrake
WriterIngrid Elkner
Old WomanColette O’Neil
Old Woman on BenchPaula Jacobs
Policeman ♯1Nick Kahn
Policeman ♯2Mayson Kayne
Policeman ♯3Nic Penrake
EditorShiona Penrake
MusicMark Delany
Sound RecordistsDoug Fayers
Luis Celomundo
Camera AssistantsChris Ferguson
Ravi Kang
Director of PhotographyAndrew Fleming
RunnersShiona Penrake
Ralph Meacock
Kaori Ando