What Goes Around


When a black teenager avenges his cousin’s dignity by stabbing her drug-dealing suitor, he sets off a chain of bloody events that leads to his own death.

‘What Goes Around’ delivers an ironic and uncompromising commentary on the interconnectedness of life within one high rise block. You could see it as a dramatic realization of Newton’s principle – that energy is never lost but, rather, passes from one body to the next. On this block and on this day the consequences take a heavy toll on life.

My theme, broadly speaking, is the title: what goes around comes around.


TASHANJesse Fajemisin
COLAJoseph Altin
VINCEGareth Hinsley
JUDIJanet Hargreaves
JASMINEChristine Thompson
COLA’S MUMRachel Clarke
SCOTTPaul Roberts
JOSHJoshua Hayles
SHONAShona Mcgarty
CAMILLACamilla Mcgarty
EditorDan Gethic
Editor’s AssistantJamie Stone
CastingNic Penrake & Matt Western
Production AssistantsMary Alexander & Cass Allen
NicPenrake’s PADave Amanor
1st ADDanny Burk
2nd ADAlex Edyvean & Sylvester Bodibe
3rd ADKunle
2nd ACOzzie Bacon & Paul Dain &AbiOseni
1st ACSteve Annis & Hopi Demattio
GafferLee Wooster
SparkPaolo Fernandes & Joel Rainsley
Director of PhotographyZillah Bowes
RunnerJacob Minnaar
DriversKevMcilduff & Tom Carter
ContinuityLaure Bregevin
SoundTarn Willers & Mike Hasler