How To Make An Independent Feature Film in the UK

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Tired of sending your feature scripts to agents and public funding bodies that don’t get back to you? Is it time to write another screenplay and hope that this time someone will say yes?

Or is it time you took the bit by the teeth and learnt how to make your independent feature film yourself?

In the UK, as an independent filmmaker, you have two tried and tested routes you can go down: SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) and EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme). The main difference between the two is that SEIS is aimed at lower budget projects, while EIS is aimed at larger budget in excess of £150,000.

While the SEIS offers investors 50% tax relief on their investment, EIS offers 30%. So, let’s say you had a rich uncle and he offered to invest £10,000 in your film. By going through the SEIS he would get 50% tax relief on his investment. So instead of letting you have 10K he could in effect let you have 20K without doubling his risk.

But how do you get this wonderful 50% tax relief for your investors and your film? That’s what producer Phil Taylor and I discuss in the video you can watch here.  Take a look if you’re in the dark or even if you’ve begun to look into SEIS and feel uncertain how to proceed. It’s 11 minutes long and pretty much to the point. I hope the info helps you out!

If you have a well developed feature film screenplay that looks like it would come within the SEIS budgetry limit of £150,000 and you would like to talk to us, please write to Phil Taylor at and Nic Penrake at under these key headings:

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