Look Inside | The Shoot

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Lydia Barnes on set of Look Inside

Production on our short film, Look Inside, is complete. We shot over the weekend of 14th-15th April at Camberwell Studios in London. This is a project that has been in development for well over a year. Finally we have the digital building blocks of a film. 

If you are familiar with our work, you may have seen the crowdfunding campaign we ran through Phundee during autumn of last year. Our plan was to shoot in February/March of this year, but it wasn’t until mid April that we could book a studio that met our budget requirements and have our key people available to work on the production. 

We used an Arri Alexa Mini with a set of Hawk anamorphic lenses, perfect for the kind of look director Shiona Penrake was looking to create for her fantasy-style film.

Each day we clocked over 40 shots – not bad for a project with a small crew and a significant section of VFX work to get through in two days.

A big thank you...

Thanks go out to everyone involved, from the people who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign to our wonderful and very talented lead actress Lydia Barnes, and our ever positive and talented DP, Lorenzo Levrini, to other cast and crew and the people at Camberwell Studios, Andy Woodruff and team.

We are now officially in post. The director, also an editor, is currently working on an assembly and first cut.

Watch this space for updates!